Hope For Future

Equipping young ladies with tools for a better future.

About Us

We are a support group for people living with HIV.

Due to the number of deaths from HIV, and inaccessibility of HIV drugs, our objective started off with contributing funds towards the cost of funerals for families who lost members to HIV.

Change of Focus

As Retro-Viral Drugs become more accessible to us in Kenya and more people were surviving, we changed our focus towards supporting people with HIV.

Current Focus

Our focus is now aimed at eradicating the stigma associated with HIV, improving the living conditions of people living with HIV, supporting young girls who were innocently born with HIV, through no fault of their own.

Young ladies with HIV are often stigmatised, as a result, they are often treated as outcasts and have to find means of surviving.


Hope For Future helps by improving the existence of these vulnerable young ladies by getting them off the streets, improving their living conditions, providing them with accommodation, registering them back in school, providing basic needs like sanitary towels, underwear, toiletries and clothes, throughout the year.

We currently have twenty-three (23) smart young ladies on our books, whom we cater for and source funds for university and higher education tuition fees..

Join Us

Support us in equipping young ladies for a bright future.

Every little helps.

A regular supply of Sanitary Towels and Toiletries go a very long way to making our young ladies comfortable and maintaining their dignity.

Better still is funds for education to keep the young ladies in school and off the streets.


Every little helps.

You can donate funds to via World Remit, MPESA, PayPal to: Hope for Future – Adongof@gmail.com
+254 710 906 907
P. O. Box 434 – Code 40500 – Nyamira – Kenya

Messages from Young Ladies

Knowing I will get a fresh supply of Sanitary Towels when I need it, has restored my dignity.

I no longer have to hide away when I am having my period.

Thanks for your support,

― Francisca, Aged 15

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Immaculate Atei


I thought having a period was a sin. Now I know it is normal for a young girl my age to bleed every month.

Thanks for making life better for me.

― Megan, Aged 11


Hope for Future is based in Nyamira in the County of West Mugirango  in Kenya.

Contact Us

+254 710 906 907
P. O. Box 434 – Code 40500 – Nyamira – Kenya

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